Ambient Unity: Meditation is out now!

Meditation ambient compilation
Ambient Unity, released on June, 2021 (Syngeneia records).

Syngeneia Music proudly presents a new compilation A.U.M. which brings the leading ambient music composers from all over the world together. Two years after the successful release of the first compilation titled «Atmosphere», the second album «Meditation» focuses on deeper introverted matters that can immerse the listener on a fascinating journey through the inner worlds.

The album begins with a new track by the American ambient music veteran, Thom Brennan. Powerful sound of the composition titled «A New Land» will take the listener to an incredible space journey. The trip will continue with Ephilion’s mystical composition written by the inspiration from meditations in the highlands of China. Next you will hear a wonderful composition by Alex Diakov, another resident of Syngeneia records. There are many iridescent sounds in the composition, playing with imagination and inner states.

The fourth track is the premiere of a new project called Liberi, created by two talented producers — Ludvig Cimbrelius (Sweden), also known as Eternell, Purl and Alveol, and Meydän (France). The melody brings an airy and endless soundscape in the right place at the right time. This is followed by a new track of the project zarr. (UK). The track will warm the listener with a joyful and deep ambient atmosphere.

Now we stand right in front of the composition by J.S. Epperson — maker of meditation music with binaural beats. His track with the mysterious name «Wash174» will give listeners an equally mysterious auditory experience. Closer to the end of the compilation, we will hear a natural track from the famous Japanese project Gallery Six. And in the end, we’ll be offered a soft, almost velvety sound of a Russian duet called Astrum Duo. It will leave a pleasant aftertaste from listening to the compilation.