Alex Diakov’s album is iTunes Top2 in Mexico

Alex Diakov ambient

Russian media portal Artmoskovia published an article about the achievements of the label resident Syngeneia, whose music conquered the iTunes charts in Mexico.

The media remind that in July 2021 Alexey Dyakov unexpectedly reached second place in the iTunes charts of Mexico. His ambient music album «Elixir Vitae» has surpassed many popular artists from the USA and Europe.

The album was released on Syngeneia Records in 2019. The well-known Moscow artist and actor Dmitry Presman worked on the design of the album, and Otto Schwarz, a film composer and participant of the 74th Cannes Film Festival, helped with sound engineering.

As the artist pointed out on his Facebook page, he has been worked on the album for three years, inspired by the mountains of Adygea. In his album, healing resonances (birdsong, murmur of water and sounds of the forest), which help to achieve deep relaxation and tranquility, are combined with a variety of electronic landscapes

The artist’s most recent track was released in May on the «Ambient Unity: Meditation» compilation, which also featured 64-year-old electronic music veteran Thom Brennan, as well as projects from Sweden, U.K., Japan and Russia.