Syngeneia’s Ambient event

The first official Ambient music event under the auspices of the music label Syngeneia was held.

On November, 23, 2019, more then 100 visitors were able to enjoy calm and deep music in the center of Moscow, Russia. The live music sets were prepared by the label’s residents — well-known Ambient music projects Diakov, Chronos and Ephilion. The event also provided visitors with opportunity to enjoy reproductions of paintings by the famous Russian artist and book illustrator Ivan Bilibin.

An event was opened by the Syngeneia’s label manager Otto K. Schwarz (Ephilion) with meditation music live set and presentation of the forth-coming international Ambient music compilation, followed by the live set of Nick Klimenko (Chronos) with different synthesizers and rare Japanese musical instrument known as Nagoya harp. Alex Diakov presented compositions from his latest album «Elixir Vitae» (Syngeneia records, 2019), and some of the new tracks will be published soon.

Due to the success of the event and positive feedback, we are looking forward to hold similar events in the nearest future.