Syngeneia records

Concept & History of our music label


συγγένεια (syngeneia) can be translated from ancient Greek as «affinity», «connection», «kinship». In the Greek text of the Bible, it is found in the meaning of «family», «blood connection», and in Plato’s philosophy — in the context of celestial affinity, relationship between the individual human soul and its divine heavenly counterpart.

We are interested to release the music which will harmonize people and give them a peaceful and tranquil state of mind. We are non-for-profit project aimed to popularize ambient music and bring true Beauty to the world.


Syngeneia music label was founded in Moscow, Russia in 2019 by two enthusiasts exploring the world of sounds and shapes, Otto Schwarz and Alex Diakov. 


Initially, the concept was to create an art-musical union to combine modern art with ambient musical landscapes. Also, founders were deeply involved in sound therapy researches hense focused on creation music which would contribute to therapeutic effect for the listeners.


Label’s first release in February 2019 was Alex Diakov’s «Elixir vitae». Alex had been preparing his album for over three years, and most of the material and live records had been made in the highlands of Adygea — a peaceful and natural southern region of Russia.


In 2020, after 3 releases, Syngeneia created a sub-label Syngeneia OST focused on neoclassical music and official soundtracks. First album in this category became Otto Schwarz’s «A Living Flow» jumped in iTunes Top10 pos. 8 (Russia, neoclassic) in October 2020. The next archievement was for Diakov’s album in July 2021 (Top2 Electronic Album, iTunes Mexico). At the same time, Tarkovsky 2020 compilation gained more then 100K listeners with 3 thousands likes in VK social network.


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